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Apartments for Weekend in London

London is amongst the top names in the list of city break destinations. When on a short-term vacation with your family or friends, a place that provides a private and cosy atmosphere lets you unwind and enjoy your weekend away. There are various rental accommodations available in the city but not every place offers abundant and satisfying facility for their guests. But, as they say, there is a solution for everything. Our weekend apartments provide unmatched amenities and the privacy and comforts of your own home.

More about Our Weekend Apartments

Our weekend apartments in London cater to both tourists and business travellers who are here for a short business trips. The primary benefit of these rental accommodations is that you get your own private home-like apartment for the duration of your stay. With a well-equipped kitchen, spacious living space, separate bedrooms and entertainment facilities you really have the flexibility of your own home. You are also provided with regular housekeeping and laundry service which makes your vacation happy and stress free, leaving you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Memory to Treasure of Your Luxury Stay

Along with all the facilities we provide, the most crucial part involves your comfort and security. With a comfortable bed, sofa and living area, you will have a stress-free stay at our rental apartments. And the best part is you get all of this at an affordable price.
We want your stay at our weekend apartments to make your stay in London all the more memorable. So what are you waiting for? Book a weekend apartment with Q Apartments for your next trip and enjoy the benefits of the private and luxurious accommodation.

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