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Choose Serviced Apartments over Single Hotel Rooms


The most comfortable place to stay is always your home. It gives us a feeling of security, cosiness and luxury, which is missed when we are away on vacation. You can get homely and quality apartments for spending holidays in London. Rental Apartments serve as a great alternative to hotel rooms as they provide comforts and privcay of your home. Read on to find out why serviced apartments are the best alternative to hotels.

  • Perfectly Built

    Rental apartments are much more than an ordinary house. The exceptional amenities and perfectly designed interior are purpose built to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Today people prefer staying in these apartments to hotels and guest houses. No matter the type of holiday, you will find a serviced apartment to matching your needs.  
  • Exclusive services specially for you

    When compared to other expensive accommodations, serviced apartments comes out to be a place that provides better value for your money. These private accommodations are always customized along with the lavish living area, dining space and cosy bedrooms. You get a fully-equipped kitchen where you can find solutions for your food cravings anytime you want. Television, music system, free WiFi, telephone service – everything to make your stay as convinient as possible.
  • Located in a safe area

    Serviced apartment take your safety in mind at all times. It is often the case that they are located in a safe and peaceful area, with easy access to the city and tourist attractions. With the internet at your fingertips and recommendations from the accommodation provider you can plan your visit to the local cafes and eateries that take you away from the usual tourist destinations, giving you a taste of what it’s like to live in that city.
  • Your home away from home can always be affordable

    Usually accommodation is one of the most expense costs of any holiday. However, a serviced apartment will often give you the comforts of home and the luxury of a hotel at affordable prices, due to their location and self-service style. You can even try customizing the services and paying only for those included in your package. This enables you to cut some more cost on accommodation and give you more money to spend on your holiday.

The feeling of home abroad can make your holiday even more special and relaxing. If you need an apartment in or around London, visit here; Q Apartments offers luxury serviced apartments at affordable rates for travellers from the world.


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