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Terms & Conditions Denmark


1. Qapartments apartments may only house the number of guests that there are beds provided for.

2. The Lessee has 8 days from signature acceptance to pay the first invoice.

3. It is not allowed to move into the leased apartment before the start of the contract (unless otherwise in written form, agreed upon).

4. If the move-in takes place before the agreed time (before 16:00 on the agreed date) an invoice will be issued for the daily lease rate as well as an additional DKK 2.500,00 in lease costs per day.

5. Pets are not allowed in Qapartments apartments unless in written form, agreed upon beforehand. (If pets –contrary to the agreement – are found, Qapartments can terminate the contract. The Lessee will be invoiced for furniture cleaning, painting and repairs made necessary by the presence of pets.

6. The Lessee must register with the Danish Personal Register (Folkeregister) unless the contract says otherwise.

7. Any agreed changes to the contract made after it has been signed will be invoiced DKK 550, 00 for contract administration fee.

8. After moving in, the Lessee has 14 days to report any defects.

9. The Lessee is responsible for purchasing household insurance to cover personal items.

10. The leased apartment is taken over as it is, and when vacating the apartment, returned in the same condition with the exception of normal wear and tear.

11. The Lessee is required to inform Qapartments immediately if pests are detected in the apartment, such as cockroaches, bedbugs etc.

12. The Lessee will receive monthly invoices from Qapartments. These invoices will be sent at the beginning of each month for the following month and be due the first of the month including an administrative invoice fee of DKK 15,00.

13. The total amount of rent and usage will be regulated on a yearly basis based on the price index with a minimum increase of 3%.

14. The internet label on the inside of the front door may not be moved to another location or removed from the door. If this happens the Lessee will be invoiced DKK 410,00 + Danish VAT (25%).

15. None of the electrical connections/wires may be moved or tampered with, this includes, internet connection or TV installations. If this happens, the Lessee will be invoiced a minimum amount of DKK 410,00 plus Danish VAT (25%). 
Personal phone/internet installation is not allowed in Qapartments.

16. The Qapartments apartment label on the outside of the apartment door may not be removed. If this happens the Lessee will be invoiced DKK 410,00 + Danish VAT (25%)

17. Smoking is not allowed in Qapartments apartments. This includes the main stairwell, as well as the back staircase. (If the Lessee smokes in the apartment, Qapartments reserves the right to paint and replace furniture’s on the Lessees account.)

18. Residents are at all times obliged to use cooker hood during cooking.

19. If regular cleaning is agreed according to the lease, Qapartments requires that the apartment is cleared and prepared for cleaning. (Please see procedure for this at the enclosed letter in the key letter)

20. Incense and related products are not allowed in Qapartments apartments. (If the resident uses these products, Qapartments reserves the right to paint and replace furniture at the lessee account).

21. Trash and trash bags must always be placed in the trash containers. They must not be placed on the stairwells or floor. The Lessee will be charged for any marks on the floor left by leaking trash bags.

22. Liquids should always be dried off of tables and countertops immediately. Any marks /defects on these surfaces will result in the lessee being charged for sanding and repair or replacement.

23. Residents are at all time required to apply protection on surfaces using hot objects such as pots, dishes etc.

24. Cutting boards should always be used. Any knife marks/defects left by improper usage will result in the lessee being charged for sanding, repair or replacement.

25. If Qapartments is forced to spray for pests, the Lessee will be charged for the cost subsequent.

26. Bedclothes/covers must be used on the bed, as well as the duvets and pillows that have been provided. If not, the lessee will be charged for cleaning or replacement of mattresses and or pillows and duvets.

27. The bedspread provided must not be used for sleeping purposes. If the bedspread has been used for sleeping purposes, the lessee will be charged for cleaning or replacement.

28. Sleeping on the couch is not allowed for overnight purposes. Qapartments reserves the right to invoice the Lessee for cleaning or change of the couch.

29. Window hooks must be used at all times when the windows are opened.

30. All windows must be closed during rainy/stormy weather. Qapartments reserves the right to invoice the Lessee for any damaged caused by rain or wind. The Lessee will also be responsible for any damage caused by improper closure of the windows including damage/injury to others.

31. Carriages, bicycles etc., must be placed in the designated areas. It is not allowed to place these items in the stairwell due to fire regulations. They may not be placed in the apartment as this will result in stained floors/walls. If it is not respected Qhome reserves the right to repair any damage incurred in this connection.

32. During the lease period, Qapartments has the right to show the apartment to new clients. This will normally take place in the time period Monday-Friday from 10:00-16:00.

33. Lessees are at all times committed to document the resident in the apartment.
Presentation of passport can be required.

34. If there´s a change of resident in the apartment, Q home must be provided with the needed information.

35. If the apartment have been rented for more than 3 months our, Service department may conduct a move out check of the apartment approximately two weeks before you move out. If you want to be advised ahead of time, please send an email to no later than 3 weeks before you move out.

36. The leased apartment should be returned in a clean and orderly fashion. Furniture’s and other items should be placed in the original position. If not, Qapartments service department will replace the apartment to its original floor plan and the Lessee charged DKK 410,00 + Danish VAT (25%) for each hour that is used.

37. In the case of direct breach of the rules, the Lessee will be charged for all repairs to bring the leased apartment back to its original stand.

38. If the apartment must be repaired due to the above mentioned, the Lessee will be invoiced at the daily lease rate for the entire time used for renovation.

39. On the date of the lease termination, the leased apartment must be vacated by 12:00. If the apartment is not vacated, the Lessee will be invoiced the daily lease rate, as well as an additional DKK 2.500,00 per day.

40. All Keys or key cards should be left in the mailbox, or in the apartment, when the lease has been vacated. Any missing keys or key cards will be invoiced to the Lessee at a rate of DKK 350,00 per set and DKK 670,00 for lock changes + Danish VAT (25%)
Residents are on moving day obliged to inform Qapartments on where and how many sets of keys they have left in the apartment.

41. Alternatively, the keys/key cards can be returned directly to Qapartments reception – Fuglevangsvej 11-13 1962 Frederiksberg C., Monday through Thursday from 08:00-16:00 and Friday from 08:00-15:00.

42. The deposit will be returned to the Lessee at the latest 30 days after the agreed period, unless the apartment has been defaulted and therefore require special repairs.

43. Any forgotten personal items are not the responsibility of Qapartments and no compensation for these items will be given. If you request our service department to return forgotten items, you will be charged a service fee of DKK 410,00 per hour + Danish VAT (25%). The items must subsequently be picked up at our office address, at the latest 14 days after vacating the apartment.

44. The final cleaning of the leased apartment is not included in the lease. When moving out, Qapartments will provide a final cleaning. This will be invoiced at a rate of DKK 385,00 per hour plus Danish VAT (25%). Linen will be invoiced at DKK 500,00 + Danish VAT (25%) for 1 double bed. Please note that all linens provided will be cleaned.

45. Defaults on/or missing equipment will be calculated and deducted from the deposit

46. A mandatory window cleaning of, DKK 375,00 + VAT 25% for 1 bedroom apartments and DKK 675,00 + VAT 25% and for 2 bedrooms and up, will be added to the final tenancy bill.

47. Any damages caused by the Lessee should be reported to Qapartments Service immediately via email

48. Use of washing machines and any other noisy household appliances may not take place after 22:00.

49. In case of acute damage within normal working hours 9:00-16:00 (for example – water damage, loss of power in the apartment, break-in, defective locks, please contact our service department at +45 35245599 press 3 then 2.

50. In case of acute water damage outside normal working hours the lessee is obligated, immediately to contact Qapartments emergency technician on +45 22220610.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and look forward to receiving any feedback that you may wish to give.

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