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Formula 1 Approaches Säo Paulo


Formula 1 approaches Säo Paulo

Formula 1, the highest class of single-seat auto racing is once again coming to Säo Paulo the weekend of Friday 11th-Sunday 13th of November.

In 1938 two local property developers intended to build a housing development. However, as the land was not suitable for housing, the locals decided to build a racing circuit instead. As Säo Paulo city grew, and prior pro driver, Emerson Fittipaldi had success, the Brazilians wanted a Grand Prix in Brazil. In 1973 Säo Paulo hosted the first Formula 1 Grand Prix. Yet, in 1978 the Grand Prix moved to Rio. The Grand Prix in Brazil moved between these two destinations until a $15m redevelopment of the circuit was agreed in the heyday of Ayrton Senna. After the agreement the Grand Prix has stayed at Interlagos in Säo Paulo. 

The racing circuit, Interlagos, is located only 16 kilometres outside of Saö Paulo city centre. Q Apartments offer you 3 luxurious apartment blocks in Säo Paulo. So if you like sun and racing why not stay with us? Pinheiros One, Vila Olimpia One and Brooklin One are within easy access to Interlagos - click here to book


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