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The World's First Bike City


Danish people are the world’s happiest ones, and Copenhagen is one of the most liveable cities. This is due to several reasons, but probably one the main reason is the large number of green spots where people can enjoy their free time: at the park reading books or just lying down and relaxing with friends and family or cycling around the huge bike lanes criss-cross the city. When visitors arrive in Copenhagen for the first time they usually remain impressed by the amount of bicycles on the streets. It is like a swollen river, especially during peak time, so many kilometres of cycle tracks all around the city and traffic lights that are coordinated in favour of cyclists during rush hour, but even if you are new in Copenhagen you will quickly get used to these local means of transport. There is the bike is for every journey, no matter what the weather, people cycle to work or school, to go to the supermarket or to meet friends. This is not only a green way to move it’s also healthy and cheap!  

There are more bikes than citizens in Copenhagen, this is a city that invites you to cycle, it is also called the best bike city in the world, everyone can experience the local style and commute, it’s easy, you just have to have, or hire a “green 2 wheels”! There are numerous bike rentals and bike tours on offer, or you can rent one of the new electric city bikes.

In 1995, Copenhagen was one of the first cities in the world to launch free city bikes for its citizens and visitors and in 2014 Copenhagen was elected the European Green Capital, and actually, Copenhagen is still considered a very green city surrounded by amazing parks.

Public administration is planning to build more new green routes through the city to ensure a safe and green transport route for cyclists. Cycle super highways are already a reality, leading cyclists in and out of the city from as far as 15 kilometres away.

Copenhageners have a huge and ambitious objective they want to achieve by 2025: to be the world’s first CO2 neutral capital.

If you stay in Copenhagen and want to spend your Sunday doing something different, jump on a saddle, on the 22nd of May a Bike Picnic is taking place, everyone can join the event with friends or family (5-8 people). You can bring your own bike or rent a public "city bike" and book a group ticket. Sandwiches and water are included. Some biking experience is necessary. Helmets are recommended. The total distance covered is about 25 km (15 miles). Both Danish and English will be spoken. The meeting point is in front of the Opera facing the water.

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